This Burning World – Finale – Chapter 23 and Epilogue – 3/12/15

Chapter 23 -

The final battle between Jim and Ford.

Epilogue -

A mysterious figure is revealed.


This Paper World – Chapter 15 – 6/7/13

Jim and Eric try to figure out how to get into the Spoilers’ lair.  Vince and Wesley are alerted to a potential threat.  Park has a rough night.


ONE WAY – Episode 13 – 12/12/11

Chapter 32 -

Jenny has to say goodbye to someone very important.

Chapter 33 -

Barry has to make a promise to Jenny.

Chapter 34 -

Jedidiah is in a very good mood despite the hard work ahead of him… then he notices something very peculiar.

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Other songs:

Fairytale by 2012

A Falling Forrest by Autumn Eyes

Brush Fire by Brock MacKenzie


ONE WAY Trailer 1 – 9/27/11

How many people have had a tragedy in their life and wished they could go back in time and try to prevent it… do things differently… change it?
What if you could go back in time to the night that a loved one was taken from you?  Could you do things differently?  Could you make a difference?  Or is destiny a road that only goes ONE WAY?

Can Jenny Griffith travel back to the night of her husband’s murder and change events, or will she find out that fate only moves in one direction… only goes ONE WAY.