This Paper World – Chapter 10 – 5/17/13

Jim and Eric set out to see if they can buy some “protection”.  Park is taken prisoner in the Spoiler’s sanctuary.  Reggie goes to retrieve something he needs… for vengeance.


This Paper World – Chapter 9 – 5/13/13

After a rough night, Jim and Eric wake up to their destroyed apartment and feel all too vulnerable.  Wesley dispatches a powerful Spoiler to capture Park… dead or alive.


This Paper World – Chapter 8 – 5/9/13

Jim needs to get something off his chest, and Reggie receives a call with some bad news.


This Paper World – Chapter 7 – 5/6/13

Troy Green is being hunted by Spoilers.  These Spoilers have a plan to have one less Champion in the world.  Will they succeed?


This Paper World – Chapter 6 – 5/2/13

Jim returns to Florida and shares an experience with a creature for which he has a strong affinity, and danger comes right to Jim and Eric’s doorstep!


This Paper World – Chapter 4 – 4/25/13

Jim and Park finally have their long overdue conversation.  Jim gets an ominous email.


This Paper World – Chapter 3 – 4/22/13

Jim knows he should talk to Park, but decides to delay and go off on a ski trip with his friends.  Do you think this could be a normal boring old ski trip?  Think again… and listen to chapter 3 of This Paper World.


This Paper World – Chapter 1 – 4/17/13

Meet Jim Hunt, your average 18 year old college student with a past he cannot… or does not want to remember.


JeffCast Number 4 – Crush Depth Feedback and This Paper World Announcements Show – 04/10/13

In this JeffCast, Jeff discusses feedback from Origin of Legends: Crush Depth, plans for the Origin of Legends Series, the Re-launch of This Paper World, the This Paper World literary trailer and film, the launch of and more…




ONE WAY – Episode 6 – 10/24/11

Chapter 12 -

Dr. Van der Vehn explains some important concepts to Jenny.

Chapter 13 -

Barry and Jenny take flight through the woods and realize that there is no way they can hide from their pursuers.

Chapter 14 -

Jedidiah and Rodney are following footsteps in the snow.  They know the fun is about to begin.

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Impromptu for Six Pianos by Ash Verjee

Barstow by Lee Barry

Zantlop by Gasserpe


ONE WAY Weekly Chat 1 – 10/7/11

The first weekly chat discussing feedback and answering questions from the first 3 episodes of ONE WAY.

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Episode 1

Elegy for M by Ash Verjee

Episode 2

Viandanze by Fabrizio Paterlini

Shreik! by zim

Episode 3

Season by The Vital Might

Next Time Around by Asymmetry

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JeffCast Number 1 – Listener Feedback Special – 11/9/10

At long last, Jeff reads listener feedback from website comments, Facebook, iTunes and email.  He also gives an update on the state of Jeff Lane Audio Books and his newest project.