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I wanted to list some of my favorite podcasts / podcasters.  You can find them all on iTunes or check out the links to their websites below.  If you have any podcasts that you would like to recommend to me, please send me an email to

These are in no particular order:

Tony C. Smith –

Tony helms the premier audio literary Sci-fi magazine; StarShipSofa.  From content that ranges from Flash Fiction, Fact Articles, Main fiction and conversations with Speculative Fiction’s most respected names and voices.

StarShipSofa: Aural Delights

“Big Honkin’” Steve Glosson -

Steve is back!   (Along with Derek Russell on G.O.L. and “The Great” Buck Thompson on The Big Honkin’ Show).  Laugh and then laugh some more with these Funny “Geek” podcasters.

Geek Out Loud: The official podcast of Geek Out Online

The Big Honkin’ Show

Jay and Jack –

These venerable veterans of podcasting have a list of podcasts as long as your arm as well as a user created video network as well.  From great TV shows to pop-culture and even relationship advice.  These guys are sure to have a podcast that meets your needs.

The Jay and Jack Show

The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack

The Married Man Show (not for younger listeners)

FlashForwardCast with Jay and Jack

The V Podcast with Jay and Jack – Are you Nu?

Louis Trapani (Art Trap Productions) –

Louis, along with friends Ken and James create great Doctor Who and Sci-fi related podasts.

Doctor Who Podshock

Sonic Newsdriver

Hitchhiker’s Guide to British Sci-fi

The Tin Dog Podcast –

This right sized podcast features news and reviews covering Doctor Who.  Not to mention, the ONLY place where you can hear “whostrologies”.

Doctor Who Online: DWO WHOCAST –

With regenerating hosts, this great podcasts focuses on Doctor Who and the ever expanding universe of Who.

The Cultdom Chronicles –

Hosts Ian and Dave AC (collectively known as IanDave), host a weekly TalkShoe podcast that is a great international roundtable of all things Sci-fi and Cult.  Different weekly topics ensure a lively conversation.

The Cultdom Collective Podcast

Jefferson Snowmobile

It’s not another variation of a Jefferson band, nor is it about snowmobiles, but it IS really funny.  Ryan and John are professional and produce a tight, entertaining podcast.

The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine –

Rish and Big produce this great short story podcast that is more than just narrations.  Their stories will suck you in with great sound effects, music and production values.  Not to mention their witty banter as they close out each show

Escape Artists Inc. –

Three great short story podcasts to satisfy genre fans for Science Fiction (Escape Pod), Horror (Pseudopod) and Fantasy (PodCastle).  One story per episode with great intros and out-tros.

Escape Pod



Professor Dave’s Ark in Space  –

A super smart pod-cast discussing all the good things in pop-culture and entertainment that should be saved for future generations in “the Ark”.  With a panel of hosts in two continents, there is plenty of frivolity and banter.

Stephen King Fancast  –

If you like Stephen King, The Dark Tower (or any of his works) and you like to hear people talking about it, this is your podcast.  With news, reviews and lost of extra goodies, this one is a must listen.

Diego’s Soul Patch  –

It’s Diego’s Soul Patch, ’bout bad guys they have to catch.  With Side-kick 22 (Bethany Shady) and that Other Guy… that “other guy” being Jorge Garcia of Lost and Alcatraz fame.  Beth and Jorge started podcasting “behind the scenes” content and episode analysis of Lost with Geronimo Jack’s Beard (previously listed on this page as a recommended podcast).  Now they have carried that format on with Alcatraz.  Get the inside scoop from “the man” himself and discuss great theories about this great new show.

6 thoughts on “Recommended Podcasts

  1. Have you tried listening to Cadmium2 and ScutterCast?

    C2 is a podcast about British cult TV with every other episode being a review of a Dr Who storyline. They started the Dr Who at season 1, Episode 1 and are going through in order of airing…if no video is available, they are listening to the available audio….really good

    ScutterCast is a Red Dwarf podcast that is doing indepth episode analysis, also starting with episode 1 and working through. At the end of the episode review, they do a Red Dwarf latest news segment and then a general chat bit. Season 1 was dodgy, but they really hit the floor running when they started series 2…

  2. Since you and I seem to have very similar tastes in podcasting, I think I will definitely check that one out. Thanks!!

  3. Anyone who likes podcast stories must listen to Scott Sigler’s “Infected” and then “Contagious” in that order because there part of a trilogy (3rd book not written yet) and then Nocturnal. These are amazing books. Also Phil Rossi’s “Cresent” and “Harvey” and also “Eden” and lastly but not least “Notes from the Vault”. Every one of these podcasts are brilliant and i can’t stress enough how good they are. All available on itunes or on the authors websites.

  4. Those are two podcast authors that I have on my list to listen to, especially Scott Sigler. I have heard trailers for Infected and Contagious. They sound great. I just need to find the time. A couple other podcast authors that I have listened to in that same genre are Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff and Myke Bartlett. Check those out if you haven’t heard them yet.

  5. One of the first podcasts I listened to was the 7th Son Trilogy by J C Hutchins. Scott Sigler is a favorite. He’s put out all his books on podcasts, even after he got a book deal with a publisher, part of the deal was that he could still give them away as podcasts. Good stuff.

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