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The following is a list of podcast authors and their websites (in no particular order).  I have not read or listened to all of them, but they all have very good reputations and my “queue” is full of them.  So many great, FREE podcast audiobooks… so little time.

Mur Lafferty –

With all of her podcasts (I Should Be Writing, Mur Lafferty’s Restless Brain etc.) and her podcast novels (Playing for Keeps, The Heaven Series etc.) it is hard to believe that there is just one of her.  On top of all of her own projects, Mur has also taken over the helm as the editor of Escape Pod.  Get some sleep, girl!  On second thought… don’t – your contributions to the podisphere are too great.  Keep going!


J.C. Hutchins -

J.C.’s 7th Son series has been wildly successful and is one of the success stories of podcast novels making the leap to the published page.  He continues to write and podcast new works such as Personal Effects: Dark Art.


Seth Harwood

One of the premier Crime / Mystery novelist in the podisphere, his Jack Palms series has garnered a lot of attention both on the web and in print, and his follow-up projects (A Long Way From Disney, Young Junius etc.) have been equally as popular as his fiercely loyal fans continue to multiply.


Scott Sigler –

This “dark overlord” serves up heaping piles of steaming (as in entrails) piles of content to his “junkies”.  His podcast novels have not only made the jump to print, but also to the New York Time Best Seller list.  From his genre fiction novels (Infected, Contagious, The Rookie, Ancestor etc.) to his short stories, Scott has made a career of podcasting his works for free, and building quite a community of fans in the process.

If this description doesn’t make you want to check him out, his book trailers will… check them out on his website or YouTube.


Matthew Sanborn Smith –

To say Matthew’s writing style and use of language is unique would be a serious understatment.  Not only are his stories interesting and completely unlike anything you have ever heard, but they are funny… then after a good “two Mississppi” they are hilarious.  Check out his Beware the Hairy Mango Podcast and well as his other works scattered around the internet.


Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff

Another pioneer of serializing his books for free in podcast form, Nemcoff’s many works (Number One With a Bullet, The Doomsday Club, Diary of a Madman, Shadow Falls etc.) have provided me personally with many hours of entertaining (if not cringe-worthy) listening.  Constantly changing up his style (2nd person, screenplay style complete with script notes on actions and shots) you will never get bored with his works.


Jake Bible

If you like zombies, mech armor, and post-apocalyptic fiction then you will love Jake Bible. His “drabbles” also adds a fast paced scene switching style that will keep you engaged.


6 thoughts on “Podcast Authors

  1. I just finished This Paper world beta versions. Can’t imagine having to wait a week to hear next episode. I loved it. Question: Is one of the clues for the sequel given when wesley tells park “Tell HER i was the one that let him (jim) go’ ? I’m wondering who is Her!!! Interesting

  2. Thanks, Sebrina. So glad you liked it. Good pick up on the “her”. I can’t say much, except, yes there will be more information to come about “her” down the road. I am starting to write the sequel in the next month or so. It will probably be a year or more before it hits the podcast feeds, but it is on the way. Also the film of TWP is in pre-production, so things are moving along there as well.

    Thanks again for the comment. Keep in touch!

  3. Great podcasts, but what a terrible website!

    Please, please change the colours. Purple/dark blue text on a black background = unreadable

  4. Kevin – Thanks for the feedback. I agree a new color scheme would be good. I just need to find the time to tinker with the design. In the meantime, you can check out jefflaneonline.com for a different look an feel (and all things Jeff Lane).

  5. Hi Jeff

    Just re-read my comment, and sounds like I was being very critical

    That was unfair of me

    I spend a couple of hours every day community and always on the look out for something good to listen to on my ipad. I’ve listened to all of Scott Sigler’s work, J C Hutchins, Mur Lafferty, Mike Bennett, I G Hulme, James Melzer and many, many others and I have to say your work ranks up there with the best. I’ve now upto date with Paperworld (hurry up with the remaining episodes please), listened to Crush Depth (wish it were longer!) and about to move on to One Way

    All great stuff and hope you keep up the good work


  6. No worries, whatsoever, Kevin. I appreciate all feedback. It is how I am going to continually get better. I did play with the website colors a bit. Let me know if you think that makes a difference. Thanks, again. Enjoy One WAY.

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