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“Jim Hunt is an average 18 year old college student… or he would like to be. He dreams of a door. An important secret about who or what he is lies behind that door; a secret he doesn’t want to let out. During a trip home for Christmas break, he is confronted by his destiny, but will he follow the path that his old teacher Park would like him to? Or will he walk away to live a normal life?”

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“Barry Griffith doesn’t know it yet, but tonight is the night fate has chosen to be the night of his death… his murder.  At a gas station in the middle of nowhere, late at night, his wife Jenny appears… no car… no coat and looking older than when he saw her last.  That’s because this is not the woman he received a good-bye kiss from this morning.  This woman has been a widow for over four years and has made an impossible journey back in time to try to stop her husband’s murder.  Will they be able to escape the killers or does fate only have one plan… one possible outcome… ONE WAY?”

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11 thoughts on “eBooks

  1. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been listening to your stories at work and they make the work day fly by. The stories keep you on edge and I can’t wait for the next episode. Keep up the good work.

  2. Jeff, are you ever going to complete the Burning World story, or leave it as a cliffhanger forever? I enjoyed Paper World, which led me to Burning World, which led me to a very dis-satisfying conclusion! Who is the person wearing the Champion revolvers? Who could possibly be the last person Jim would ever expect to see? I can only imagine the hard work and effort that goes into your writing, but leaving us readers like this is just plain unfair. PLEASE give is the conclusion!

  3. That’s excellent news! I’ll be waiting (not very patiently, tho) for the next book to be released. I already know its going to be fantastic, and will hopefully answer at least some of my questions. And it’ll have more Willow! She’s perfect for Jim, and now that Ford has been dealt with, maybe, just maybe Jim will realize how great Willow is. :-)

  4. Hi Jeff, just finished listening to One Way. What a good book, and I loved your reading. I look forward to listening to your other podiobooks

  5. Jeff, thank you so much for “This Paper World and This Burning World”. I listen to your stories on the way to work— an hour each way. Your writing style and readings are fabulous . The way your change your voice for each character is remarkable and makes listening that much more enjoyable. When will the next story be available? I need to know how Jim makes out. Please write the next installment ASAP!!!

  6. I’m with Solid Granite! The cliffhanger is killing me. Did I miss something that would have clued me in to who the dark stranger might be? Please let me know when book three comes out?

  7. Thanks, Ravyn!! Sorry for the late reply. There are clues going all the way back to chapter 1 of This Paper World. Trust me they are there. ;) I am working on the 3rd book now and hope to have it out in 2019. Thanks, again for your support. – Jeff

  8. Thanks, Lynn! I really appreciate that. Working on the 3rd book now – hope to have it out in 2019. – Jeff

  9. Jeff, I sincerely hope you are still alive, well, and completing Book 3. The end of 2019 is fast approaching. I’ve listened, re-listened, and re-listened again to figure out who the mysterious person is, but really want to hear it or read it from you! Please tell us that Book 3 is completed and ready for publication. If you’re taking pre-orders, sign me up. I’ve got to know the “rest of the story”!!!

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