This Burning World – Promo 2 – 12/12/14

The woods of northern Maine are an idyllic setting to hunt, fish, commune with nature… and train the most powerful beings ever to walk the face of the earth.  Jim Hunt is one of those beings, a Champion tasked to fight evil… and he is preparing for war.  Jeff Lane, the author of This Paper World and ONE WAY brings you the next installment of his Champion Saga, This Burning World… available as an eBook and an audiobook podcast.  Find out why people are saying Jeff Lane is “a mix of Stephen King and Graham Masterton with a little Dean Koontz for topping”, The Champion Saga is “one of the most refreshing reads I have encountered so far this year… [it] leaves you begging for more.”, and “Jim Hunt is the new Odd Thomas”.  Don’t get left out in the cold, enter This Burning World.


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