Crush Depth – Episode 3 – 11/30/2012

A sinister face appearing at over 5,000 meters below the surface of the ocean has Marylou fleeing for her life.  But where can you run when you are trapped below… Crush Depth?


6 thoughts on “Crush Depth – Episode 3 – 11/30/2012

  1. hey Jeff, really liking your stories…glad I took Mr. sigler up on checking you out…I am enjoying Crush Dept as well as One Way and A Paper World…keep up the work..

  2. I was hoping to subscribe to the podcast but noticed there was no RSS feed to subscribe. I don’t use an Apple device and you really are limiting your audience not providing an RSS link.

  3. Hey Gareth – I think I fixed that. Check the RSS link on the main page and let me know if you are still having issues.

  4. Thanks Podakayne. Glad you like all the work. I hope you keep in touch and check out my short stories as well.

  5. hes at it again folks!!!this story is rockin,just got caught up!you have another hit on your hands jeff!i have always liked those old radio shows glad to see you trying it out.i definitely am digging this ,all the best
    jeff in st louis!!!

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