ONE WAY – Finale: Episode 15 – 12/29/11

Chapter 37 -

Barry and Jedidiah have their final showdown.

Chapter 38 -

Jenny takes one last trip.

Chapter 39 -

Jenny awakes to find her husband has not returned home from work.  A police officer knocks on her door with bad news.

Epilogue -

Peter Van der Vehn gets a phone call from another member of the team with an amazing discovery.

Music provided by Mevio’s Music Alley.  Check it out at

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Other songs:

Alone by Brian Turner

Mom by Dad

Home by Doug Astrop

Casting Stones, Casting Shadows by Adam Emanon


7 thoughts on “ONE WAY – Finale: Episode 15 – 12/29/11

  1. This was a fantastic book!! Thank you so much for making it audio. I would highly recommend this story to anyone.

  2. Thanks, Karen! I really appreciate that. And there IS only one more thing to say… “Pip pip! Cheerio!”

  3. Jeff

    My name is Jim from Toronto Canada. I’ve just finished listening to your book “One Way.” I appreciated that the book was presented through podcast. It is a great action/adventure. I wish you the very best for the future

    Jim Scott

  4. Hi Jeff,
    My name is Asaf from Israel.
    It was great listening to your book ‘One Way’.
    It can be turned into a great action movie.

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