ONE WAY – Episode 11 – 11/28/11

Chapter 26 -

Jenny and Van der Vehn head overseas for some more experiments.  Van der Vehn expresses his concern about the theory that Jenny cannot change the past.

Chapter 27 -

After crashing onto the floor on the lakeside camp, Jenny finds herself pinned under the dead weight of her husband.. and he is bleeding

Chapter 28 -

Jedidiah hunkers down in the woods and contemplates the “wrongness” of the woman who should not be involved tonight.  He challenges her to come out of the cabin.  The door opens and he takes his shot.

Music provided by Mevio’s Music Alley.  Check it out at

Theme Song provided by 3 Minute Pop Songs.  Check them out at

Other songs:

Circle by 60 Were Enough

Syros Lament by Gasserpe

Polarity by Adam Emanon


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