ONE WAY – Episode 6 – 10/24/11

Chapter 12 -

Dr. Van der Vehn explains some important concepts to Jenny.

Chapter 13 -

Barry and Jenny take flight through the woods and realize that there is no way they can hide from their pursuers.

Chapter 14 -

Jedidiah and Rodney are following footsteps in the snow.  They know the fun is about to begin.

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Other songs:

Impromptu for Six Pianos by Ash Verjee

Barstow by Lee Barry

Zantlop by Gasserpe


2 thoughts on “ONE WAY – Episode 6 – 10/24/11

  1. Hi, I have listened to the current 6 episodes and weekly chats. I love the story, its very intriguing – and I look forward to the method os time travel.

    In the 3rd weekly chat, someone suggested that the marriage between Jenny and Barry didn’t seem to lead to the reaction Jenny showed after Barry’s ‘death’. I don’t see it like this (not saying their wrong)….I see it as a ‘normal’ relationship where Jenny was just unlucky enough to have a row with her husband just before he died. I think this is something that most people in a serious relationship would dread……I also suspect that some of her subsequent behaviour and lack of care for herself could stem from a huge guilt burden from this row. thats my thoughts anyway!

    I am wondering if Jedadiah is going to turn out to be the grim reaper!! you can run, but you can’t hide!

    Anyway, Im looking forward to the next episode!!

  2. Thanks, Karen. I’m glad the relationship is ringing true to you. And I love your use of the word “row”, I LOVE it… So UK of you. ;)

    As far as your theory about Jedediah… I like it! We’ll have to see. o.0

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