ONE WAY – Episode 5 – 10/17/11

Chapter 9 -

Jenny is forced to confront her feelings about Barry’s death and Dr. Van der Vehn asks her a very important question.

Chapter 10 -

Realizing that they cannot outrun their faster, more maneuverable pursuers, Barry and Jenny make a bold move.  But was it a good decision or one that would seal their fate?

Chapter 11 -

Jedidiah senses that something is not right… there is someone in that Blazer he is chasing that does not belong there.

Music provided by Mevio’s Music Alley.  Check it out at

Theme Song provided by 3 Minute Pop Songs.  Check them out at

Other songs:

Investigating the Phantom Signal by Anterrabae

Ease the Pain by Big Blue Barry

Dark Matters by David Emeny


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