Quick Announcement – PDAIS Interview

Jeff was recently interviewed on the Professor Dave’s Ark in Space Podcast (episode 26).  Get a sneak peek here, and check out the full interview by clicking on the link below or searching for the podcast in iTunes.  In that full length interview Jeff gives an exclusive preview of the plot of ONE WAY, his next novel (and much more!!).

Check out the PDAIS Podcast here:



2 thoughts on “Quick Announcement – PDAIS Interview

  1. Awesome interview Jeff! It’s great to see the wonders that the world wide web can bring. Also can’t wait to hear/ read the new novel… I love anything involving time travel. ;)

  2. Thanks, Matty. New Novel speeding your way at 88 miles per hour, connecting the hook to the wire strung across the street at the exact moment the lightening strikes, this fall.

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